Why Professional Woodworkers Prefer Using Heat Guns?


Regardless of whether you’re a hobbyist or possibly a expert, a heat gun is surely an invaluable device to get in your collection. With its capability to reduce plastic material piping and bend PVC, it may help you will be making fast job of the heating gun project. But before buying one particular, there are particular things you should know initially. This information will give a summary of temperature pistols and things to look for when you make an order.

Types of Heating Firearms

There are two types of warmth weapons in the marketplace: standard-heat types and varied-temperature types. Normal-temp designs are the most common variety and are typically employed for basic activities like loosening fresh paint or taking away brands from containers. They normally have two settings—low and high—and range in temp from 120°F to 1200°F (50°C to 650°C). Adjustable-temp designs, however, provide a lot more accurate power over the heat output, enabling users to modify the configurations when necessary for additional fine tasks like soldering and desoldering electric powered factors. These models ordinarily have 3 settings—low, moderate and high—and collection in heat from 120°F to 1400°F (50°C to 760°C).

Heat Gun Components

In addition to your heat gun by itself, there are numerous components that could be acquired separately that can make your task less difficult. By way of example, if you’re using your heat gun for paint elimination or soldering job then you might want to select a cooling down stand up or a selection of nozzles which allow you to straight the atmosphere circulation precisely where it’s needed. A nozzle establish will also be beneficial if you intend on utilizing your heat gun for shrinking plastic material tubes as each nozzle continues to be specifically made for your objective. Ultimately, if you’re gonna be utilizing power factors then this floor wire is essential simply because this aids in preventing harm from fixed electricity develop during procedure.


Temperature pistols might be incredibly helpful resources for enthusiasts and specialists alike but it’s critical that they’re applied appropriately. Before you make a purchase, think about which kind of tasks you intend on making use of it for to be able to pick the right version with all the current required components integrated. If done properly, a high quality heat gun may last decades so spend some time and try and get exactly what you need!

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