Anyone can Buy US stocks (買 美股).

Huashengallows all its customers through the official website a US inventory IPO subscription(新股認購). During this very well designed web site as well as the application accessible From the home app stores, any person should have the ability to discover the different securities commission rates.

Additionally, Hong Kong shares; revealing the commissions of their shares, system Fees, and other options. About the flip side, you might even observe the actions which the United States presents to your date you enter the site. To get into the help of this Huasheng organization, individuals must create a user account on the page.

The Services Provided by the companyHuasheng Possess the Very Best technologies in Transactions reliably and firmly, adapting structures from the securities business (證券 公司) using a completely decentralized and organized system.

This system Is Tremendously praised as it has ten thousand responses along with information In only milliseconds. & above all, the system utilizes bank-level encryption engineering, several SSL encryption with trades; that allows an even more reliable and secure support.

For anyone who goes to Get US Shares (買 美股), that the Huasheng Company’s official site gets the valuable and essential information that each investor and customer must know. The different trading rates of the stocks in the United States are according with their form of fee: industrial commissions, platform payment, fee, securities regulatory commission, and the industrial activity fee.

Every One of These Kinds of the Strain has a depth of loading which ignites them. About the flip side, information on charges to other products and services in US stocks will be also available on the internet site.

The Kinds of charges for Different services in US Shares are Transport fee (charged only when transferred to one different agent ); payment for custody of the reception of their US residue; tax collection on dividends and the general assembly of shareholders.

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