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Dear Fellow Oaklander,

The last few years in Oakland have been an exciting time, with the New York Times naming our city the 5th top vacation destination in the world (and the top destination in the country), as well as various publications calling Oakland one of America’s greenest, “coolest,” and most wired cities with the hottest restaurants and most livable neighborhoods.

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Entrepreneurs and innovators are coming to Oakland in droves for our great weather, affordable housing and commercial space, amazing waterfront, recreational activities and thriving cultural neighborhoods. Oakland is on the rise and moving forward in exciting ways that we haven’t seen in generations. Thousands of new jobs have been created in emerging industries, unemployment is falling, and our public schools are steadily improving in academic achievement. Overseas investors are putting millions of dollars into our great town because they know that Oakland is in the midst of a renaissance.

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It is Mayor Jean Quan who has been leading us at the helm of Oakland’s revival, asking the world to take a fresh look at what’s here, promoting our greatest strengths, bringing in new investment, and building a model city at the edge of 21st century innovation.

Like many other urban American cities, we’ve also faced stubborn and systemic challenges, but we’ve met those head on. Even as the national economy suffered and crime spiked in cities across the country, Mayor Quan has tirelessly forged ahead, balancing the budget, moving our economy forward, creating jobs, supporting business growth, implementing progressive policies for a progressive city, and raising the profile of our city to the world.

“Oakland’s Hardest Working Mayor”

Please take a moment to look at some of the work that Mayor Quan has done to keep Oakland rising:


Mayor Quan believes the key to turning around crime is a multi-pronged strategy: increase the number of community-based police in our neighborhoods, re-organize the police department to be more effective, implement youth intervention and employment programs, and continue to grow our local economy. Unacceptable crime rates continue to jeopardize our successes as a city, and that is why Mayor Quan is making public safety her top priority for our families who deserve to live in a safe city, which is reflected in this year’s budget that she presented to the City Council.

Here is Mayor Quan’s public safety strategy at work:

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  • She secured resources from the federal government to take dangerous and illegal guns off the street, and to stop the most dangerous criminals in our city. Her administration is implementing Cease Fire in East and West Oakland to stop the violence, hold people accountable, and give people a chance to choose a better life for themselves. Oakland received the nation’s largest COPS grant to hire 25 officers to keep our schools safer.
  • Mayor Quan brought in the Bratton-Wasserman team, which has achieved meaningful results in cities across the country, to help with the re-organization of our police department to more effectively meet the diverse needs of our neighborhoods.  She is the first mayor to become involved in bringing OPD into compliance with the Negotiated Settlement Agreement to prevent federal receivership, including implementing training, policies and protocol to end racial profiling and increase accountability.
  • In response to spikes in burglaries and robberies, she has been working with OPD to implement Response Teams hat respond, solve and prevent these crimes more efficiently.
  • After federal cuts, Mayor Quan raised $4.3 million to fund over 3,300 jobs for Oakland youth through the Mayor’s Summer Jobs Program over the last three years, so that our young adults are actively employed and developing job skills during the summer.
  • She conducted 6 town halls with thousands of Oaklanders to implement community policing that requires officers to build strong relationships with neighborhoods to prevent crime.


On the flip side of public safety, Oakland’s economy has been a top priority of Mayor Quan’s administration since day one. Two economic engines of our city -- the Port of Oakland and the Oakland Army Base Project -- are championed by this Mayor on a daily basis.

Here are Mayor Quan’s economic priorities at work:

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  • The Oakland Army base site breaks ground this December, and will generate thousands of new jobs for families in Oakland this year and in the years to come. Mayor Quan helped secure a $15 million federal grant and stepped up to save $242 million of California Transportation Commission funding for the project, and shepherded the process to success after many attempts to develop the base since 1997.
  • The future development of the Port of Oakland is part of our city’s promise. Mayor Quan was the key force behind the agreement for Brooklyn Basin, a development that represents a long-awaited transformation of maritime and industrial land into mixed-used housing with retail, marina, open space, and parks. It is the largest single investment by a Chinese investor in the US. This will be a destination for Oakland and the region.
  • While other cities have fallen into deficit, Mayor Quan created 2 balanced budgets working in collaboration with the City Council. Now Oakland’s finances are in the the best shape they’ve been in a decade, we have a reserve, and all our major revenues are rising.
  • 60 new restaurants opened in the last year as the city’s cultural, arts, and visitor industry booms.
  • 1 million square feet of retail space has been added or is in the pipeline, and more is to come.
  • Mayor Quan has led the charge to build a new Coliseum City that will attract more business, create jobs, and support our sports teams.
  • With Oakland’s homeowners hard hit by the financial crisis, Mayor Quan provided support services to over 300 families to prevent foreclosure and opened a new 1-Stop Housing Assistance Center to keep people in their homes and ensure access to affordable housing programs.
  • Mayor Quan has developed a stronger school-to-career pipeline for our young people through her Education Cabinet, hands-on internships implemented throughout city government and placed in local businesses, and effective employment training programs.


Mayor Quan hired a top-notch administrative team in City Hall with a 3-pronged goal: make City Hall more efficient, streamline services, and create transparency to ensure good government.

Here is Mayor Quan’s promise at work:

youth town hall
  • She conducted 7 town halls meetings to kick off her administration, and the dialogue in these meetings formed the basis for resident priorities: public safety and community policing, jobs and employment; youth services and improving our schools.
  • Mayor Quan has opened City Hall to the community: free financial counseling, mentorship programs, Volunteer for Oakland Day, technology training for small businesses, and hundreds of community events to engage Oaklanders with their own city government.
  • Her weekly newsletter with up-to-date news on Oakland goes to 15,000 Oaklanders, and her Facebook page with 10,000 followers keeps the public informed and engaged

Only Mayor Quan is up for the task for the hardest job in town. She is the hardest working mayor we have ever seen, and she’s delivering.

Please join us to keep Oakland on the rise by supporting our Mayor. Will you make a contribution today to help us re-elect Mayor Jean Quan?


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Sandré Swanson
Former Assemblymember
Re-Elect Mayor Quan Campaign Co-Chair

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Michael Colbruno
Port of Oakland Commissioner
Re-Elect Mayor Quan Campaign Co-Chair

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