October 23, 2014

“For the past two years as Dr. Death I have firmly been apolitical and have not endorsed any candidate for mayor of Oakland. As of recently I have been put in a position where I have to change my stance and join some Oakland residents in endorsing the re-election of Mayor Jean Quan.

A Strong Record of Public Service

A 35-year Oakland resident, Jean has dedicated her life to making government work for people: organizing communities to support our youth and transform our schools, build equity and opportunity for our most vulnerable residents, and make our neighborhoods safer and stronger.

A History of Social Change

From her early days as a student activist at UC Berkeley to her first term as Mayor, Jean has forged progress within institutions, activated everyday people to participate in the democratic process, and been a champion for those with the least access and voice.

  • Partnered with neighbors to revitalize small business districts for 8 years as Councilmember.
  • Served 12 years as a School Boardmember organizing parents, improving schools and advocating for immigrant families.
  • Launched the first Justice for Janitors campaigns and empowered immigrant workers to know their rights.

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It is Mayor Jean Quan who has been leading us at the helm of Oakland’s revival, asking the world to take a fresh look at what’s here, promoting our greatest strengths, bringing in new investment, and building a model city at the edge of 21st century innovation.
Former Assemblymember & Deputy Mayor
Oakland, California